The Astrology of New Year's Day 2014 - "Celestial Crossroads"

by Jeremy P. Thorson | December 29, 2013

As 2014 is ushered in around the globe for those countries on the Gregorian calendar, a powerful astrological geometry known as a cardinal Grand Cross will loosely crystallize in the heavens as: Mars in Libra; Jupiter in Cancer; Pluto in Capricorn along with the Sun and Mercury; and Uranus in Aries, all square off within the four cardinal houses of the zodiac. This rare and transformative aspect is structured around two main opposition aspects which act as a "lattice" for the overall cross/square geometry, the two oppositions being: the opposition aspect between Jupiter in Cancer and the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn (along with Pluto too); and the opposition between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Calculated using a seven degree orb or less for aspects, this loosely formed cardinal Grand Cross geometry persists in the heavens from December 28, 2013 to approximately January 10, 2014 with the overall aspect peaking in its tightest configuration from December 30, 2013 to January 1, 2014.

New Years Day 2014

The loose, cardinal Grand Cross aspect occurring at the advent of the New Year is indicative of the tonality which we can expect through the entirety of the New Year period, and the rest of 2014 as it unfolds. In a personal sense, the challenging and difficult nature of the square aspects and the oppositions will leave little room for reprise as the planetary forces work in the most important and personal areas of our lives: the nature of the changing/evolving Self (Uranus in Aries); our relationship with the Other and how we deal with things outside ourselves (Mars in Libra); the ramifications of career and livelihood (Pluto in Capricorn); and finally our domestic affairs (Jupiter in Cancer) and their connections with the other areas affected by the Grand Cross formation. In a trans-personal sense, we will see: radical grass roots change (Uranus in Aries); aggressive increases in foreign/social policy (Mars in Libra); systemic transformation of global economics (Pluto in Capricorn); and an increased emphasis on domestic/national and city/county affairs and issues (Jupiter in Cancer) as these areas are all mutually affected by one another through the Grand Cross geometry.

For those with ascendants, the Sun, or other strong planetary energies in any of the cardinal signs, the transit of this New Year's Grand Cross will be powerful indeed. Aspects between the current planetary motions and any natal objects within the cardinal signs of the birth chart should be especially noted. Conjunctions between the various component planets of the current Grand Cross and natal planets in the individuals birth chart will yield highly transformative events, unleashing the planetary forces activated into the respective houses affected.

While technically this current manifestation of the Grand Cross geometry doesn't reach exact 0' orb tightness between all planets involved at any point (an exceedingly rare event), it does form nicely using a looser orb of influence (in this case 7' or less) and peaks in its formation between Dec. 30th and Jan. 1st where during this short time span we experience the three following important conjunctions within the sign of Capricorn:


  • Dec. 31 2013: Mercury /11' Capricorn conjunct Pluto
  • Jan. 1 2014: Sun/10' Capricorn conjunct Moon - NEW MOON
  • Jan. 1 2014: Pluto/11' Capricorn conjunct Sun

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on December 31, 2013 has a deep and revealing quality making it great for investigative and occult studies, though also provides a possible atmosphere for extremism and potential detachment. On January 1, 2014 the New Moon kicks of the New Year occurring at 10' Capricorn near the influence of Facies, and later the same day we see Pluto conjunct the Sun at 11' of Capricorn. The Solar/Pluto conjunction will yield a powerful and intense wave of energy provoking conflict and extreme reactions; effort towards moderation and understanding is essential. Overall these various conjunctions in Capricorn add an acute point of focus to the loose Grand Cross pattern we are experiencing at the moment, and symbolize on a deeper level in their own respective ways the stressful environment of the current astrological conditions manifesting.

From December 25, 2013 to January 8, 2014 a host of square and opposition aspects comprising the main structure of this current, "loose" Grand Cross structure are unleashed with their exact dates and degrees of occurrence as follows:


  • Dec. 29 2013: Mercury/8' Capricorn square Uranus/8' Aries
  • Dec. 30 2013: Sun/8' Capricorn square Uranus/8' Aries
  • Dec. 31 2013: Mercury/11' Capricorn square Mars/11' Libra
  • Dec. 31 2013: Mars/11' Libra square Pluto/11' Capricorn
  • Jan. 3 2014: Sun/12' Capricorn square Mars/12' Libra
  • Jan. 8 2014: Mars/15 Libra square Jupiter/15' Cancer


  • Dec. 25 2013: Mars/9' Libra opposite Uranus/9' Aries
  • Jan. 3 2014: Mercury/15' Capricorn opposite Jupiter/15' Cancer
  • Jan. 5 2014: Sun/15' Capricorn opposite Jupiter/15' Cancer

Squares are best described as a "stepping-stone" process or stair-climb" effort in regards to the inherent challenges and their characteristic effects on an individual or society experiencing a transit of this particular aspect. With Mercury/8'Capricorn squaring Uranus/8' Aries on December 29, 2013 we can expect the general outflow of information within our lives to reach a peak, yet processing this information will be difficult and with a heightened sense of intellect we must not speak to hastily. When Mercury squares Mars on December 31, 2013 communication may be further complicated through bragging and other lower octave vibrations of Mars' energy expressed through any of the various channels of communication. On December 20, 2013 the Sun squares Uranus shining a light on eccentric and radical energies and modalities of expression, where mutual compromise of understanding may be a key for creating solutions to any problems. When the Sun squares Mars on January 3, 2014 this energy intensifies and creates risk of over doing our efforts towards fulfilling our ambitions; understanding limitations and applying talents is recommended. Lastly we have Mars squaring Pluto on December 31, 2013 and also Mars squaring Jupiter on January 8, 2014. With Mars squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn destructive natures may arise and tend to prevail therefore constructive efforts are a must on all fronts. Mars square Jupiter may add excessive emotional out pour to any emotional episodes. Think confidence (not egoism), honest enthusiasm, hard work and healthy compromise when navigating the difficult cosmic waters represented by these various square aspects.

In regards to the two sets of oppositions we see in the sign of Capricorn, Mercury and the Sun both opposite Jupiter in Cancer, occurring just two days apart each and we also have Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries on December 25, 2013. Sun opposite Jupiter on January 5, 2014 yields some positive energy in the overall atmosphere, alleviating some of the other current astrological stresses. Just try not to take anything too far, for extremes and their inevitable consequences are indicated by Mercury opposite Jupiter on January 3, 2014. Mars opposite Uranus on December 25, 2013 sets the long-term tone and indicates stress in the overall collective mental/psychic sphere of humanity, so navigate accordingly.

Also of importance within the current transit of this loose Grand Cross and its proximity with the change of the year are several important and persistent astrological conditions which must be considered in understanding its overall character:

Persistent astrological conditions:

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and this clearly represents the power of the home and the family within the solution making process required by the various squares and conjunctions/oppositions comprising the loose Grand Square. With Jupiter retrograde a philosophical focus is emphasized and inward reflection becomes a necessary guide for any further forward advancement. Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries while Pluto being in mutual-reception with Saturn in Scorpio means the energy of this loose Grand Cross formation is occurring upon the background of vast economic, personal and social change. Importantly however, even with all of these various aspects and influences, Pluto is still near the dark, fixed-star Facies, which represents a highly transformative and charged undertone to all that is occurring.

Add it all up and a picture forms of a highly transitional New Year period ripe with challenging and transformative energies from the cosmos. Smooth out communications and diffuse agitation thoughtfully in order to safely navigate the chaotic psychic atmosphere manifested by the loose Grand Cross transiting the heavens until it safely dissipates after January 10, 2014. With one's mental/psychic energy properly allocated during these numerous, difficult transits, any problems that may arise can be met with prudence and thoughtfulness and the challenging nature of the "celestial crossroads" represented by this current astrological environment can thus be transmuted into a positive and powerful start to an exciting and healthy New Year.

by Jeremy P. Thorson - Starfire Astrology

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